SA Business – Your UK Launchpad


We help you establish your business in the UK – we FIND you LEADS - prospects


A depreciating and uncertain ZAR opens HUGE opportunity for South Africans who want to open a business or sell their products and services into the UK and/or Europe.

Think positively about opportunities in the UK (in particular). By remaining focused on selling into South Africa –you’re loosing a big opportunity to export goods and services into the UK – with currency and price advantages.

As an astute business person opening doors in a foreign country, comes with RISK. Limited capital constraints means that there is much to loose if you don’t SELL your products.

NOTHING happens until you SELL something.

We take that FIRST STEP - allowing you to TEST the market without big RISKS – of course there is a charge for what we do – however, the RISKS of engagement are much lower. Our efforts will allow you to consider your next move to expand your business. By getting more involved with opening a business or appointing agents in the UK to sell your products you can keep the risks manageable.

We are a group of South Africans, resident in the UK and South Africa who have an extended group of contacts and relationships and KNOW how to embrace a digital marketing platform in the UK – to promote your products

Our mandate is to:

  • Find deals for our clients (through generating qualified leads and prospects)
  • Ensure regular client engagement  that ‘once a client – always a client’ 


Remember the days when we ‘knocked on a door’ – made a ‘cold call’ and arranged to meet a person to ‘sell our wares’.

In the UK business moves faster than in Africa. There are many cities in the UK – the distances travelled by companies to sell their products is changing - giving way to doing business using digital platforms.

So with the advent of internet and mobile communications technology – the speed of doing business has ‘ramped’ up dramatically!

 Business today operates in a global market - the manner in which we connect today is determined by efficiency and speed to market.

People no longer sit at their desks waiting for your call’ to hear about the ‘great product’ I have to sell to them.

We engage in B2B and B2C markets. Depending on what you wish to promote – we use our software tools to establish,  engage and KEEP engaged with markets.

We can:

  • Provide Leads in the UK and/or South Africa for you to follow up and close
  • Provide leads and do the follow up ourselves closing deals
  • We are open to discussion as to how you would want to engage.